Nevada Point Trail

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From Wentworth Springs Road, 11 miles east of Georgetown, turn north on Volcanoville Road. Go approximately 1.5 miles to Rubicon Road. Turn right and go approximately 2 miles down to an uphill spur road with a signpost with Nevada Point Trailhead on it. Turn right. The road ends shortly at the trailhead. The trail winds down to a footbridge crossing Pilot Creek (1.4 miles). The trail continues another 0.2 mile to the Rubicon River where the bridge is washed out. Dangerous water currents in the Rubicon River at this point make crossing on foot or horse very difficult (not recommended). Across the river the trail is very difficult to follow, with several landslides, fallen timber and the trail is heavily overgrown with brush. The trail ends at Dad Young Springs Road, 1.5 miles up from the Rubicon River.

Nevada Point Trail leads to the river from Road 13N41 and is very steep and arduous. Contact the Georgetown Ranger Station for trail conditions before attempting this trail.


  • Trail Measurement: 10.6 Miles
  • Compass Latitude: 385813N
  • Compass Longitude: 1204103W
  • Numeric Latitude: 38.9701792
  • Numeric Longitude: -120.6840945
  • Elevation in Meters: 518
  • Elevation in Feet: 1699

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    10.6 Miles
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